Repo Dilemma of Fallen Service Men’s Cars Opens Door to GM Branding Opportunity

The other day I was reading an article where a repo man was complaining because he couldn’t get onto a military base due to security to repossess a car that a service man failed to make the payments on. It turns out that the soldier had died in the line of duty in Afghanistan. The repo man said that wasn’t his fault; that he owed money on the car, and no one was making payments, therefore, the company needed the car back, and he needed $500 that he would receive for repossessing the car.

Indeed, you can imagine that this entire topic bothered me, the repo man didn’t seem to care that someone died, although he indicated that he supported the troops, but he also wanted to make his $500 on contract to repo the car. This got me thinking that maybe GMAC should offer a special program to active-duty military personnel. The deal would go something like this;

If you die in the line of duty, your car will be paid off in full, and the pink slip will be delivered to the next of kin. In other words, your brother, mother, or your wife perhaps, this program could be specially branded and called;

Wheels for Warriors

The reality is that very few of our soldiers, airmen, sailors, or Marines actually die in battle, compared to the vast number of people in the military.

Nevertheless, if General Motors, which is owned by the taxpayer were to come up with such a program, then I just bet all the families of military personnel, all the people the military, and all the veterans of our military forces, would buy General Motors vehicles. Perhaps, there could be another program called; “Vets for Vets,” where retired military personnel, might receive a discount.

If I was running General Motors, this is what I would do. I hope you will please consider this.

Muscle Car Insurance – How to Get the Best Rates

It may have taken months or years for you to put together, repair, restore and trick out your muscle car but she’s finally ready for the road. You need to find the best insurance for your little beauty that reflects her real value, not the value of a depreciated car. That’s when you need to get muscle car insurance.

Like other specialty cars, muscle cars link us to the past and those sweet memories of the first date, the big road trip with Dad or cruisin’ the drag. They’re a moment in time put together piece by piece with loving devotion to detail. These cars require specialty policies instead of traditional auto insurance policies.

The value of the reconditioned muscle car is individual and doesn’t come from a book but knowledge of car collecting. Don’t leave your estimated value in the hands of your insurance agent or company. Take proactive action before you start looking for insurance.

Look for a specialty car appraiser and secure a written appraisal of the true value of the car. This is proof of the value before you insure the vehicle. A copy of the appraisal should go to the insurance company’s underwriters so you can both come to an equitable decision on the amount of coverage.

Take plenty of photos. If you incur damage to your vehicle, you want to prove the quality of the parts, motor, exterior and interior. Pictures speak 1000 words when it comes to insurance and proof of value.

Photograph the building where you store your beauty. Secure housing is an important factor when it comes to insuring muscle cars. Insurance companies offer the best rates when they know the asset they insure has adequate protection from theft and the elements.

Investigate the amount of time you can drive your vehicle on the road. While some classic car and muscle car policies offer protection if the car is at a show or parade, they offer limited open road coverage. Muscle cars beg you to drive them and as a dutiful owner, you sometimes have to give in their whims. Find a policy that allows you this freedom.

Check out specialty insurance companies and get online quotes for your muscle car. The more places you look for competitive quotes, the more likely you’ll be to find the best rates. Insurance on specialty cars is expensive and worth every penny, but if you can find better coverage at a lower price, it leaves more money to buy a few extra touches for your car and maybe a poodle skirt for the woman in your life.